Update for Jul. 19, 2024 5:21 PM

Friday Report

Polaris Supreme Openings

  • The Polaris Supreme has a couple of upcoming 1.5 Day trips with spots available: July 23rd and July 25th both have openings. Take advantage of these opportunities to fish with them, they don't happen often!

Friday Updates

  • The New Seaforth's Thursday evening twilight trip finished with 41 calico bass (100 released), 1 Yellowtail, 20 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod and 2 sand bass.

  • The New Seaforth AM Half Day ended their morning with 40 Calico Bass and 1 Rockfish for 26 anglers. The PM returned with 57 Calico bass for their group of 46 anglers.

  • The San Diego ended their Full Day trip with 9 Bluefin and 79 Yellowtail for their 26 anglers!

  • The Sea Watch wrapped up their Full Day trip with 4 Bluefin, 1 Dorado and 35 Yellowtail for their 29 anglers.

  • The Tribute finished up their One Day trip with 24 yellowtail on the boat.

  • The Voyager returned from their 2 Day charter with 120 Yellowtail and 4 Bluefin for their 12 anglers.