Fish Reports
Halibut and striped Bass Trolling
Our first day out was a big success! 15 Halibut and a Striped Bass for our 9 man charter! Plus several... more »
Chris Smith
Limits of Bass
Limits of Striped bass! 30 for 15 anglers. less halibut today but the striped bass action was exciting on calm... more »
Jonathon Smith
Limits of bass and 10 halibut
Limits of Striped Bass! We had a lot of fun pulling on striped bass all day, we also landed 10... more »
Jonathon Smith
Halibut and Striped bass opener! Limits of bass!
First trip of the year with 15 limits of bass plus crew.  34 striped bass and 7 halibut up to... more »
Jonathon Smith
Biggest crab and Rockfish!
Biggest crab and biggest rockfish we’ve caught all season! This year the hoop nets have produced heavy crab. We only... more »
Jonathon Smith
Limits of big crab and rockfish
This year has by far been the best on size of crab and size of rockfish ever since we switched... more »
Jonathon Smith
Crab and rockfish
Wide open rockfishing and big crab today. Our charter of 12 anglers took home full bags of both species today.... more »
Jonathon Smith
Crab and rockfish
This weekend has been great for big limits of crab. Yesterdays fishing produced half limits because of weather. And today... more »
Jonathon Smith
Jumbo rockfish and crab
Full limits today of some of the biggest rockfish we’ve caught all year for 22 anglers. Everyone took home good... more »
Jonathon Smith
Full limits of jumbo crab and jumbo rockfish!
Limits of Jumbo Crab and Jumbo rockfish today! 10 anglers landed 100 rockfish and 100 Dunguness crab.  We have lots... more »
Jonathon Smith
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