Reel Screamer Fish Report for 7-15-2022

Limits of salmon plus 30 bonus rockfish
Photo Credit: Reel Screamer II

The salmon were hungry again today!

Don Gibson

The salmon have been hit or miss this past week, but today the salmon light switch turned back on.  Limits of salmon for our 6 anglers, 12 salmon to 18 pounds, along with 30 hungry black rockfish that traded off with the salmon grabbing our barbless hook offerings while we were trolling along.  Made for a real nice bonus.  As much as we wish it was wide open limits every day like it was for a few weeks recently, we love it while it's happening but know it's going to change at some point.  Thing is, though, it can change from good to bad and bad to good from one day to the next.  As long as the weather is decent, you have the time, and the season is open, just go fishing.  Quit worrying about online fish scores.  Sometimes when the fishing slows down we may hold off making a report just for reasons like today.  Every day can be completely different in the salmon world.  Hoping for more of the same tomorrow!