Fish Report for 9-4-2023

Anglers Choice 8 day Return

Sam Moore

The Intrepid docked this morning from another successful 8 day trip with a full load of Yellowfin, Yellowtail, Dorado, and a decent amount of Wahoo. Hurricane Hillary brought us a new batch of Dorado and Wahoo while the Yellowfin are right where we left them. Weather was about as flat calm as you can get minus one unfortunate afternoon at Alijos Rocks. At times it was to calm and we would have done anything for a little bit of wind. High humidity and hot sun/water kept everyone's water jug nearby. It sure is nice taking a break in the air conditioned salon throughout the day in the tropics. Chef Christian and assistant Michael gave it their all in the kitchen per the usual. Wether it's good weather, bad weather, good fishing, or bad fishing they always put out a superb product. I've posted a few photos of some of the meals and snacks put out. Hope everyone enjoyed the boat and all its comforts and I know everyone got plenty of fish to take home. We thank you all for choosing Intrepid Sportfishing and Anglers Choice for bringing out giveaways that exceeded everyone's expectations. 
Ethan and Team Intrepid