Fish Report for 6-23-2022

Yellowtail Fishing

Bill Cavanaugh

We arrived to our first spot mid day Tuesday and we were greeted with great sign of Yellowtail but they did not want to cooperate. We were able to scratch staying busy most of the day but towards the end of the day it picked up and we had a respectabe afternoon. Most of our fish came on fly lined rigs. Excellent grade of fish with the majority of them being in the 18-25# range. We decided to stay and give it the morning but unfortunately it did not pan of for us. We made a move to try a different area and we arrived yesterday afternoon we were suprised to have biting Yellowtail greeting us. It started out slow keeping one to three going for the first hour or so until they got settled in on us. We experianced wide open fishing in the late afternoon with all methods working. Surface iron, Fly lined baits and Yo Yo fishing worked the best. Most of our fish yesterday afternoon was 15-30#s with a few standouts. We are traveling now making our way up the line to finish up our trip trying for Bluefin. We will check in later.

Captain Sam Moore and the Intrepid Team