Fish Report for 5-13-2023

Wrapping up our Okuma Reels trip

Excel Long Range Sportfishing

Wrapping up our Okuma Reels trip from down below and I can honestly say that it went completely different than I thought it would. We were all licking our chops with the stellar tuna reports from the other boats from just a week or two before. The reports also stated that wahoo just wouldn't be in the equation. To our surprise, the wahoo were plentiful. But even though we could hook plenty of tuna most days, the sharks made it very tough on us to get them in the boat. We managed to put over 200 wahoo and 70 tuna in the hatch for our six and a half days spent in the zone. The weather definitely wasn't on our side, but this group worked their butts off to get what we did. Made a stop on the way back up to scrape up a dozen more of those beautiful yellowtail in choppy seas. We will give this group one last shot tomorrow evening to capture a tuna as we pass through the local bluefin zone on our way home. The weather is finally backing off to our favor. Bottom of the we go.......