Fish Report for 4-28-2023

Boat Limit by 4AM

Andrew Viola

We returned this morning from a 1.5-day trip and the good bluefin fishing continues. We came back with limits of bluefin, and we also did some rockfishing in the afternoon. We filled our bluefin quota within 6-7 hours after leaving the dock and then went rockfishing. Most of the fish were 20-30 pounds, with a couple of 80-pounders, one around 100, and one around 120. It was great fishing, good times, and good weather.

We are heading out again tonight for a 1.5-day trip that is full, but we do have some room on a 2-day limited load departing on Sunday at 10 AM.

Our open-party trip is posted for the whole season. Check us out online at or give us a call at (619) 224-3383.