Fish Report for 7-31-2022

Accurate 5 Day trip

American Angler

Magnificent fish graced our docks this morning - these bluefin were from 40-210# and the gang brought home a nice catch of yellowtail as well.  Captain Kiyohara's analogy of the past few days fishing was like being at Clarion with 5-6 big ones going at a time.  Of course there were heartbreaks, but in the end almost everyone on the trip rec'd a 100# shirt and a few chosen walked away with a 200# shirt.

A big thanks to Gary Teraoka, our Accurate sponsor, and to Accurate.  Accurate owner, Jack Nilsen, is missed but know he was with Gary in spirit.  Mr. Teraoka also wanted to thank Calstar, Salas Lures, Tac Glue and Izorline for their generous contributions to the trip.

Congrats to jp winners - Wayne Hoshizaki's 203#, David Christensen's 170#, Joel Kruger's 125# and honorable mention to Chris Paruolo with his #210.

Let's do this all over again in 2023!