Salty Lady Fish Report for 7-13-2021

🐟 Out hunting with the boys 😎

Jared Davis

So…. Greener pastures, promised land, blah blah blah….
  Didn’t pan out as we hoped !! We spent well over half of our day running way off shore. Out beyond the Farallon Islands, out to the Continental Shelf, south to damn near offshore from Half Moon Bay. We weren’t alone, with a small fleet of 5 charter boats willing to go take a look. We spread out and covered a LOT of area and in the end… out of all 5 boats… not so much as a single bite !!!
   We ended up back at the shipping channel outside the Golden Gate to join the rest of the fleet for some modest “in between waves of fish” type fishing, and scratched out 4 Salmon to salvage something out of a tough day. Hindsight’s always 20/20, but turns out that today… staying in the kitchen with the girls might have been a better bet than going out hunting with the boys. 
    After a couple years experience Salmon fishing this area I will bet the farm on there’s better days coming real soon. Stay tuned !!!