Fish Report for 6-9-2021


Ken Franke

The Sportfishing Association of California has launched a statewide campaign ( that draws public attention to proposed harbor craft vessel regulations that harm sportfishing and whale watching businesses, threatening to put many of our members out of business.

The Newsom Administration is not taking into account that sportfishing boat owners are committed to improving air quality, but can’t do so when proposed regulations completely disregard the lack of technology and economic feasibility. Regulators are now proposing to require MAJOR reconstruction of boat hulls and MAJOR engine modifications. To account for engines that are heavier in mass and size, passenger loads will have to be REDUCED substantially. All this would require a MAJOR INCREASE in the price of passenger tickets.

The Governor can’t expect family-owned businesses to stay afloat under these conditions. These costly regulations mark the end of many sportfishing boats, denying millions of Californians access to recreational fishing.

1. Post the attached Angler Petition Flyer at your place of business and on your vessel(s). Encourage customers to join the petition! Recruit other businesses to do the same (marinas, fuel docks, tackle shops). At the appropriate time, SAC will email petitioners asking them to contact key decision makers.
2. LIKE and SHARE “Save Fishing” social media posts (FacebookInstagram, Twitter), especially posts that call upon your customers to sign the petition.

Our success if dependent on gaining the support of a vast network of anglers and engaging them in the political process. To make this happen, we need your active and ongoing support. Thank you.

The website’s Resource Page ( includes fact sheets and flyers. As the campaign progresses, these documents will be updated for public distribution.