Fish Report for 10-3-2020

Wrapping it up

American Angler

The Guys brought her home for what was the last of our short trips this morning.  They were fortunate and found a school of tuna at the day's end - 25-40# bluefin - which made for a long night in the galley but was a great way to end the day for all.  Congrats to jp winner Dave Tilton with his 63#er and a huge thanks to everyone onboard for coming out fishing.

We have been reflecting on this year and how strange times can have silver linings.  For us, having to cancel a few long trips due to passengers taking precautionary measures (which we respect) we were able to fill that time with 1.5 day trips.  In the past couple of months, we have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of wonderful folks and they got first hand exposure of the crew's passion and teamwork which would never have happened otherwise.  Thanks for checking us out and especially for those of you that doubled back and came out more than once - we loved that!

Thank you and hope to see your now-familiar faces again soon,

American Angler

Capt Ray Lopez on his way for the annual 8 day Penn trip with a mixture of regulars and new anglers.  Have a great trip guys!
Capt Brian Kiyohara the guest on Lets Talk Hook Up tomorrow morning - tune in!!