Siskiyou Lake Fish Report for 6-23-2020

Fantastic Family day on Lake Siskiyou

Scott Caldwell

Fantastic Family day on Lake Siskiyou. 14 year old Emma took big fish honors and was one heck of a fish to start the morning off.

It was simple troll a Seps dodger with a whole nightcrawler dipped in ProCure shrimp krill oil at 1 to 1.5 mph between the surface and 30 feet and get bit. Boy did Emma Shawna and Kenny get bit. We had steady action all morning and into lunch on fat hard fighting brown an rainbow trout. Emma took big fish honors with a fatty rainbow that was pushing 24 inches.

Mom and Dad were not far behind with fish around 20 inches as well. All of fish kept had beautiful meat and will be tasty on the bbq or smoker.

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