Riptide Fish Report for 10-6-2019

Kids day

William Smith

We had a group of 3 kids that had gone fishing 4 times in the bay and never got a bite. They had signed up for a salmon trip. So when they told me that I responded that we're going rock fishing first then back for salmon. We took them out to Deep Reef and stopped on top of school fish. Well both of there parents and them got there lines down about 100 ' and it went wide open. Those 3 boys were not only reeling in there rods but ss soon as they were done reeling up one rod the crew was putting that rod back while they reeled up another. They were goin from rod to rod hauling up doubles and grinning from ear to ear. 

out of the 140 rock fish that we caught in about 45 minutes I think they braught in over 1/2 of all the fish. 

we ended up landing 2 salmon and those kids caught them. 

that's the way to make future fishermen and to appreciate the wonders of the sea!!