Fish Report for 8-8-2019

The Guys Return

American Angler Gang

This group put their time in at the rail this trip which resulted in a beautiful catch of 50 - 100# tuna.  Liwie and Kevin would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous donations;  Pro Gear, Odyssey Braid, Calstar, the Joint, Daiwa and Tady Lures. 

Congrats to our jackpot winners - who all happen to be long time passengers and very dear to us

1st place Kam Moradi - 101.5#

2nd place Chuck Hone - 99.5#

3rd place Chris Bonafede - 98.0#

Honorable mention Jay Love - 98#

Thanks All!

Next up is Uesugi-Kimura headed out for their annual 7 day