Fish Report for 8-1-2019

Izorline 6 Day Returns

Brian Kiyohara

We were dealt a different deck of cards this trip but made the most of it.  Even though we caught no tuna, we had great yellowtail fishing which are always a joy to catch and eat.  Thanks to Ernie and Roy from Izorline as sponsors and thanks to Pat at Calstar for her generous donation as well

Super nice group of folks, most of which returning 2020, which we appreciate and look forward to  seeing you next summer.

Congrats to JP winners:

First Place:  Robert Babb  25.4# yt

Second place:  24.8# yt

Tied for 3rd:  Rob Mitchell and John Lingenberg both with 23.8# yt

Thanks Everyone

Capt Ray and gang headed out on a 7 day