Fish Report for 5-2-2019

Drifting with fish hanging

Brian Kiyohara

We tied up this morning from a day and half trip out of pt loma Sportfishing.  We ended up with 35 good grade bluefin tuna 60-275 lbs. We enjoyed a long drift all afternoon, with multiple fish hooked at all times. Because we had a little smaller bait, 40lb and 2/0 hook was necessary in order to get a bite. This equivocated to many epic battles, with some ending in success and some in heartbreak. At dark we hooked a couple of cows and were fortunate enough to land them both. Charlie had the right tackle which helped him land his 275.  Rocco used his skill to land a 233 lber as well.  Jadeya who is 12 years old was my personal favorite story, as she single handedly landed a 130 lb fish of a lifetime. We have trips running the next few weeks so please call Pt Loma Sportfishing for more info.