Endeavor Fish Report for 7-21-2018

Dinosaurs of the Deep

Herb Tennell

There is nothing quite as humbling as reeling in these monsters of the deep. While male halibut reach weights of around 60 pounds, females can weigh up to a whopping 600 pounds. From November to March, these gorgeous fish spawn at depths between 600 and 1,500 feet. Alaska's halibut fishing season starts mid-March and runs through the summer. 

Bait -- including octopus, cod, salmon scraps, crab, and herring -- is placed on a large hook that is weighted down and dropped to the seafloor. Once the weight hits, we reel it up slightly so the bait hovers just along the bottom. That's where jigging comes along - bouncing the weight and bait up and down slightly through the water column until a hungry halibut comes along. 

Reeling in a giant is no easy task. It can take upwards of an hour to bring them on to the boat. Once a halibut gets to the boat they will often spook and take off. Fight your instinct to fight them! Rather, give the line a bit of slack and let them take off back into the deep. You may be exhausted, but so are they and bringing them back in will be easier the second, or even third, time. 

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