Coroloma Fish Report for 7-23-2018

Sunday on the Coroloma

Hooks Landing Staff

Another GREAT day on the water! Weather was next to perfect! The Anglers where happy and a Lingcod Beat out a Yellowtail for the Whopper! The Jimenez Duo killed it today with the 2 biggest fish brought on board! the total count for the day was 46 anglers: 3 Sheephead, 5 Barracuda, 1 Halibut, 2 Lingcod, 3 Sculpin, 1 Opaleye, 2 Triggerfish, 5 Blue Perch, 1 Yellowtail, 9 Calico Bass, 1 Rock Sole, 40 Whitefish, 213 Rockfish