Fish Report for 6-15-2018

Phoenix Rods 8 day

Justin Fleck

We are just wrapping up our Phenix Rods 8 day trip. The first part of the trip was spent offshore looking for Tuna. Even though we could see plenty in the area, we only managed to pick up 15 bluefin and 5 yellowfin for our efforts. After that we made the run down to the Rocks where we had a blast yanking and cranking on 18-30# yellowtail with a few bigger ones mixed in. At time, it was as good as it gets. We also picked up 31 grouper. After everyone had enough yellowtail, we made the run back up north to try for Tuna one last time before calling it a trip. Unfortunately the tuna had lockjaw and just wouldn't cooperate. With only one bluefin making it aboard, we threw in the towel and started heading back to San Diego. The Excel will be in tomorrow morning and headed back out for a 5 day trip.