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Owens River > Lower Owens River Report

Flow Rates and Water Conditions

Water Conditions: ???

Flows are at 380 cfs as of 9/9

From September 7-13th LADWP will be flushing the Owens River Gorge, the flows are scheduled to go up to 350+ cfs.

Fishing Conditions and Hatches:  Fair-Good


All bets are off once the flush begins. The high air temperatures are cooling off so fishing has been lasting into mid afternoon but I'm still sticking to the riffles and faster water. You may have noticed that we've reached the time of year that the timing of the hatches and the bugs has become very stable and should stay that way into September. The Trico and micro caddis start around 6 and the Trico spinner fall starts around 9 followed by sporadic midsized mayflies late morning. Evenings are male Trico emergence, caddis, midges and then the Aquatic Moths that are flying rapidly back and forth just above the water.

Recommended Flies

DRIES: Extended Body BWO #18-22 | Hi-Vis BWO #18-22 | Large dry with #22-26 midge emergers and adults | Stimulator #8-12 | Para Caddis #16-22 | Spider Variant #20-22

NYMPH:  Pheasant Tail #12-18 | Hares Ear #14-18 | Zebra Midge #18-22 | Olive Hot Spot Jig #18 | B/H Prince #10-14 | Chamois Caddis #14-18 | Bottom Roller Phsyco Rhyco #10-14 | Uncased Caddis Green #14-16 | Juju Baetis #18-20 | Glass Bead Micro May Olive # 20-24 | Caddistrophic Pupa #16-18 | Gold Bead Epoxy Stone #8-10 | Drowned Trico Spinner #20-22

STREAMERS: Wooly Bugger Olive & Black #10-12 | Mini Sculpin Olive & Black #10-12

The Trout Fitter Staff (Updated 2021-09-15)
Lake Sabrina > Lake Sabrina Report



TUESDAY, August 31, 2021 as of Midnight!

Dear Inyo Partners and Friends,
The Inyo National Forest, along with all National Forests in the Pacific Southwest Region, will be closing to most public use beginning tomorrow, August 30 until at least September 17. The decision was just made at the regional level after lengthy discussion with all Forest Supervisors over the weekend. This is not the news I wanted to share with you all ahead of Labor Day. I made it clear to regional leadership the significant impacts that a forest closure has to our Eastern Sierra communities. Unfortunately for us and many of our forest communities around the state, there are even more grave and emergent impacts from wildfires and the lack of firefighting resources. We are quickly approaching, and in some areas in the region, have crossed below the threshold of being able to effectively support initial attack operations. The fires we are seeing are exhibiting truly unprecedented behavior. I am currently in Northern California lending support to forests up here with significant fire activity. We saw two new fire starts overnight, which quickly grew in size, even outside of the area of the red flag warning. We are at the point in the region of having to prioritize which homes and communities to save because there are not enough fire resources to save them all. The decision is being made because it is the prudent thing to do for public safety. It is clear that our tactics and strategies will need to change significantly in the future in order to stay ahead of these climate change driven impacts. The risk management decisions that we are having to make are harrowing and the decision to close the forest is absolutely one of those decisions. If closing the forest reduces risk enough for us to prioritize resources to save a community or save a life, I have to say that it is worth it.


Report posted prior to the Forest Service Closure follows.


 Summer Hours:

Sunday to Saturday

7:00am to 7:00pm


Fall hours start 


       Friday – Sunday:     7:00am to 7:00pm

  Monday – Thursday:  8:00am to 6:00pm




And just like that in a blink of an eye, the days are getting shorter and there’s yellow showing around the Lake – Fall must be on its way! There was even frost at Bishop Pack Station up at North Lake Sunday morning! 


The Lake is starting to drop at a rate of about 4 inches a day. With the level dropping, we’ll start running out of where the boats can be beach rather soon. That being said, we are not quite sure when we will close for the year – it will be sooner rather than later. We’ll make it thru Labor Day weekend, but we’re just not sure for how much longer. 


The rumors of a stocking were true – Wright’s Rainbow out of Thatcher, Idaho showed up bright and early Tuesday morning with a GREAT load of Rainbows. With a bit of a good breeze the rest of Tuesday and substantial breezes on Wednesday and Thursday those fish spread out all over the Lake. There was catching going on everywhere over the weekend – by the outflow on the dam, over in Jack’s Bay, around the rocks forming the shoreline around the natural lakes and of course, DingleBerry Inlet.  Didn’t get any pictures as we were a bit busy answering questions. 


Sunday and Monday were glorious smoke-free days, but boy was it smokey prior to that – nothing like last year (so far) with the Creek Fire, but definitely burned the eyeballs. Remember, the smoke is dependent on the wind and it doesn’t take long for the smoke to fill the basin. This is the website I use to monitor the air quality -  https://www.purpleair.com/map?opt=1/mAQI/a10/cC0#6.56/37.753/-120.495 .  Another website that may interest you is www.BishopWeather.com – this site has a camera on the White side of the valley and point towards Mt Tom, Mt Humphries etc – gives you a picture of what might be going on in the valley and the mountain along with the current weather in the valley. Additionally, the following website shows speed and wind direction along with smoke and fire info - https://zoom.earth/#view=37.051,-121.434,7z/date=2021-08-22,18:20,-7/layers=wind,fires .




     I received an email from our local Forest Service recreation liaison stating: 


Just to let everyone know we are entering phase 2 fire restrictions on Tues 8/24 - This means NO fires are permitted in any fire rings or otherwise. Thank you for your understanding. I also just want to touch base that the 5 northern forests have went into full forest closures again. With fire fighting resources spread as thin as they are, if fires start popping up in the southern end, it is a strong possibility that it will happen down here. Fingers crossed that does not happen, but just throwing it out there. This includes private land campgrounds in the Inyo National Forest as this is an Inyo county order also…

Lake Sabrina Boat Landing Staff (Updated 2021-08-30)
Bishop Creek > Stocking Alert!!

Idaho Rainbows arrived at o’dark thirty this morning. Lots of fish stocked in the So Fork Bishop Creek, middle fork Bishop Creek, all of the canyon ponds and Lake Sabrina. Come and get ‘em!!
Parchers still has cabins available, This weekend only we have a 2 night minimum instead of the usual 3 so come on up for a quick weekend trip!
760-873-4177 for reservations.

Parchers Resort Gang (Updated 2021-08-24)
South Lake > Water Has Continues to Dro pand Holdovers Are Running Thin

Not much going on up there as the water has continued to drop and holdovers from last year are running very thin. The fish that are left have apparently wised up to the most common lures and baits making the bite even tougher.

Parchers Resort Gang (Updated 2021-08-03)
North Lake > North Lake Report

We’re not aware of any fish stocking up there and very few people are heading up that way unless it’s to hike.

Parchers Resort Gang (Updated 2021-08-03)
Intake II > Better Grade of Fish, But Easy Access

A better grade of fish, but with easy access comes lots of anglers so it’s been a little crowded, especially in the mornings.
The spillway project has been rescheduled for another year, thank goodness. Should be good access with periodic DFW stockings here into September.

Parchers Resort Gang (Updated 2021-08-03)
Weir Lake > Not many folks reporting from Weir this week

Not many folks reporting from Weir this week. Not sure if that’s because they aren’t catching there or maybe it’s just getting light pressure. In any case, the fish are there so grab your waders and fly rod and get after it!

Parchers Resort Gang (Updated 2021-08-03)
Lower Owens River Report

Lake Sabrina Report

Stocking Alert!!