Fish Reports
The San Diego March 18th Trip
20 passangers, 16 Yellowtail, 46 Bonito, 100 Rockfish. It’s not easy. But if you are willing to grind the full... more »
Ryan Bostian
The San Diego Saint Patrick's Day Trip
The San Diego went out fishing on March 17th with 17 anglers. They caught 15 yellowtail, 3 bonito and 100... more »
Ryan Bostian
The San Diego: Yellowtails Biting The Jigs
The San Diego checked in on March 16, with 25 yellowtail, 6 bonito and  100 rockfish catches.  Yo yo jigs... more »
Ryan Bostian
Ready for The First Trip of The Season
100 grand, 77 inches of rain and enough acetone in our blood to kill an elephant. We are finally done.... more »
Ryan Bostian
16 Anglers & 304 Fish
Another great day of fishing out here. We had 160 rockfish 7 lings and 137 whitefish for 16 guys on... more »
Tucker McCombs
Maiden Voyage 2019
Nice maiden voyage on the Endeavor. Filled some sacks and had a good time. Looked around last night for squid... more »
Tucker McCombs
Last Trip of the Year
34 yellowtail 33 bonito 100 red rockcod.  Myself and the crew would like to thank everyone who rode with us... more »
Ryan Bostian
Tuesday Dec 4 Looks to be the Best Weather Window
Tuesday Dec 4 looks to be the best weather window for those folks looking to fish with us.  If yellowtail... more »
Ryan Bostian
The San Diego Fishing Report
37 anglers, 10 yellowtail, 18 bonito, and 48 rockfish. We will be at the dock for the next few days... more »
Ryan Bostian
44 Yellowtail and 19 Bonito
Today our 22 anglers landed 44 Yellowtail and 19 Bonito.  Tomorrow is a definite go with a light load.  Get... more »
Ryan Bostian
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