And yet again... LIMITS !!!

And yet again... LIMITS !! Epic fishing here. It is most definitely NOT all over. 20 Salmon up to 30lb for 10 people today. Flat calm today and through the foreseeable forecast. As good as it gets !!!
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Crab season is coming !!

by JARED DAVIS  Salmon season continues to provide great fishing, and we will continue running trips through October. We are also gearing up for CRAB SEASON !! starting in November, for our first time, we will be running crab trips. Book now !!
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And again... LIMITS !!!

baahhhmm... yeah baby that’s what I’m talking about !! Anohther one... LIMITS AGAIN !!!! Don’t miss the boat folks, this could be YOOUU !!! 20 Salmon for 10 people up to 29lb today... averaging an easy 18-22lb. Stay tuned for
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